Program of the 7 days

7 days to photograph is open to anyone interested in learning about the ‘art of photography, whatever their age and without previous photographic knowledge.

There will be a daily meeting, from 9 to 12 during which we will study the clicks of each day and you will exercise your critical views

Each will present his shots waiting for comments from all the other participants and at the same time learn to comment observing the work of others.

Everyone will also be followed individually, according to his needs, defining objectives for each one to work on.

The presence of the participants in the meetings is not mandatory, nor is it mandatory to take pictures. Everyone can do what they want, according to his mood: team spirit is not suitable for everyone and at all times. But it would be good that the participants could mingle with each other.

Everyone can choose a theme photo. It may be a theme associated with the life of ‘island or an issue that affects the photographer divorced from the context of the island.

Those wishing to attend the seminar with photographs taken before the date of the seminar, must give information at the time of enrollment.

Material: Participants can use their digital cameras. Each photographer will deliver a USB stick that will contain shots of the day. The photographs are to be converted to JPG at 72 dpi / 1200Pixels. Will be provided necessary assistance to learn how to do it. Photographers must have in addition to their digital camera even a laptop. (Otherwise, you can use the computer auxiliary offered by Buon Vento)

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