Panayiotis Lamprou – photographer

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Photography allows us to perceive perpetual moments of quality vision. It describes our relationship with the present and explains the value of memory, like the distance between presence and ignorance.


Panayiotis Lamprou ( is a Greek photographer. He lives and works in Athens and every summer travels to his summer house in Schinoussa.

He was introduced to photography in 1998 at the “Ciclo Fotografico” in Athens [“Photographic Cycle”]. In 1999 he studied at the Centro di Ricerca e Archiviazione della Fotografia” [“Center for Research and Archives of Photography”] in Spilimbergo, Italy. His professors were Platon Rivellis, Guido Guidi and Pannos Kokkinias.

Panayiotis Lamprou’s work is devoted to researching pure photography.  While he recognises that our vision captures everything we see – to comprehend life surrounding us – he constructs his photographic images without interacting with their theme, so as to allow the spectator the possibility to read and interpret the space’s identity and its light.

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2010-2011 WEE |Work, Training, Development|

For the Ministry of Civil Defense. Photgraphic work on Greek police training.

2010 |Portrait of my British Wife|

Awarded Second Prize for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2010, National Portrait Gallery, London.

2007-2014  |A Visual Art Approach to Squaring the Circle| 

in collaboration with the Greek Sculptor Ioannis Georgakakis. Photographic work on a visual approach to squaring the circle.

2007-2008 |Burnt Land|

Photographic work depicting life after the fire that devastated the Peloponnesus.

2007 |Franz Kafka [der bau]|

Collaborated with Nicos Socos, musician.  Photography project based on Socos’s Music and Kafka’s short story.

2002-2005 |Untitled History|

Collaborated with the Dr. Guislan Museum of Psychology and the Dr. Kreek association for People with intellective disabilities. A photography project on psychiatric treatment in Belgium.

1999-2000 |La Strada Regina Margherita|

Cooperated with an association named C.R.A.F. and photographers Guido Guidi and Willie Osterman. Photographic work in the Friuli Region on the above mentioned historical road.

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