By artist I mean all those who feel the urge and the need to feel alive and grow.

 Herman Hesse

Buon Vento [“Good Wind”] offers artistic experiences in simple and inspiring contexts. A quick and intense experiment: 7 days to create.

A cultural tourism based on the individual’s desire to meet the nature and culture of a place through the eyes of  art, by developing the ability to perceive and to render, in a creative synthesis, what was observed.

Buon Vento was born with the objective of facilitating the opportunity for anyone to nourish their personal aspirations and to dedicate quality time to a passion in the right context and with an expert guide. Finding inspiration on a tranquil island, with a rhythm that leaves room for both solitude and meeting.

Teachers are professionals who can assist the individual path of each participant, providing their knowledge so that the real experience is that of the participant. It is an experience open to all, experts and non-experts. Everyone will have an opportunity to discover  his own way and to follow it.

Buon Vento is for souls who long for traveling. One needs a good wind to express oneself, neither too weak nor too strong, the right wind.  But we need ourselves, with  the route that we desire to follow, regardless  of whether we have a two masted yacht or a raft.

Buon Vento doesn’t organize courses or typical seminars where those who “know” teach.

Instead, it promotes opportunities to live experiences where  the participant’s desire for expression lies at its center. Those who “know” try to help those trying to find their way in a specific context, with specific tools and  language (writing, photography, water color, dancing ..). To follow and nourish a passion with the augury that finding one’s way through artistic expression can be an inspiration in every context of life.