How to get there



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From Athens:

Schinoussa is reached by ferry from Piraeus (the port of Athens) with an 8 hour journey or from the island of Naxos with in about two hours.

In the summer season ships will depart from Piraeus t on Sunday morning at 7 (and will also depart on Thursdays and Sundays at the same time).

On Saturdays they depart at 17:30, arriving in Naxos at 22.45 where you can stay overnight and catch the next day ship to Schinoussa  at 11.30.

The courses will begin on Sunday evening and will end on Sunday afternoon.

The ship’s return to Athens starts from Schinoussa at 20.40 on Sunday (there are also ships on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

The round trip  costs about 70 euro, basic fare. On the internetets

Since 2014 there is fast ship that seems that connects Athens  with the small Cyclades. Please visit  but the  site  will show updated routes in late January.

From Naxos:

The renowned “Skopelitis” travels everyday from Naxos to all the small Cyclades ( not on Sundays). It leaves at 14.00 and arrives in Schinoussa in a couple of hours. There is a ship that every days goes from Pireus (Athens) to Naxos leaving at 7.25. (www.

Where to stay:

You can easily find places to stay on the island by locals or in hotels and the majority has websites.

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