Francesca Alliata James, organizer


I am a classical homoeopath and mother of three. I live in Italy, work as a homeopath  and teach homeopathy and nutrition in Lugano (Switzerland). I work with adults and children.  Specifically,   I love to work with children with autism, genetic disorders, or neurological problems.

For some years I had been harboring the desire to find the right environment and the right staff to carry out, in a different context than my studio, that which I had observed each time a patient stabilized at a better level of health.

Greater strength, freedom, creativity, connection and joy are experienced when health increases. (from P. Herscu’s definition of Health).

To experience the power of coordinating mind, emotion and body while reaching for a creative act, is an experience of health. This  can be a decisive ingredient in the increasing quality of life, even though some conditions (internal or external) would never change.

And so  Buon Vento was born,  an opportunity to enjoy a different holiday, to start a journey,  directing your sails to the wind of inspiration, to go beyond the known.

With tools perhaps never experienced before, people witness and experience a convergence of a desire  (to approach an art), of being inspired (a quiet and ancient place, guardian of a millenary culture), of orienting energies to reach the desired goal, of learning to see in oneself  a personal way of looking at the world that can create something new,  special and beautiful.

An intense experiment, rapid, only one week, using the energies released during the relaxing time of a vacation, the power of inspiration for a simple and ancient place and its people, the desire to devote ourselves to something new and beautiful, accompanied by expert guides.