A magic story

The new ‘House of Culture’, inaugurated in 2014.




This is a story of love for the island of Schinoussa and for art. It’s a story that points at beauty, art, creativity.

This ‘House of Culture’ is born from the desire of a person in love with Schinoussa to help the development of the island and from the decision of the people of the island to give a place to their kids for their artistic development.

Today, this desire and idea have become real with the renovation of two residential complexes that will become the house of arts of the island.

A wonderful opportunity to give back to the island part of the beauty that everyday she shares with all.

With art, through art, with beauty and creativity.

Buon Vento has had the honor to be the first guest in this ‘House of Culture’ in summer 2014.

Buon Vento is thankful towards the inhabitants of Schinoussa for their generosity and clairvoyance.